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          Any real idea usually passes three main stages of discussion:

The 1st, - «It cannot be, because this-full nonsense»;

The 2nd, - «After all in it something is if to think …»;

And, at last, the 3rd, - «It is necessary, as everything is simple! And why anybody has not guessed it earlier»

And all anything, but sometimes these stages divide centuries …

The book «That can a new method of the solution of the equations of Eremin» opens as the diophantine equations when exponents are various are solved.

Such equations , when indicators of degrees () are various were considered extremely seldom as there are no general methods of their decision.

Direct solution of the equation Fermat's , offered by M.A.Eremin, has allowed to develop a new method of the solution of the equations. This new method of the solution of the equations gives the chance to solve the diophantine equations of any degrees.

Criteria of resolvability of these equations in integers are defined.

In the book concrete examples of the solution of the various diophantineequations of any degrees in integersare given.

The statement of a material goes from simple to the difficult.

Numerous examples of the solution of the diophantineequations of a look  are given  in integers. It is shown that numbers in these equations  have the general multiplier, and also have the general divider.

With growth of indicators of degrees  numbers  become huge.

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